About Us DiAntara Inter Media ?

DiAntara IT Solution is developed by PT. DiAntara Inter Media, which is an Indonesian Information Technology Company that specializes in the development of Application System, Webhost, Networking and IT solutions in Indonesia. PT. DiAntara Inter Media was founded in 2013. Although our company is considered as a new comer in this field, our young and creative team is committed to provide solutions that are simple yet advanced, using the latest (state-of-the-art) IT technology to meet the IT needs in Indonesia. PT. DiAntara Inter Media has a solid IT R&D team that gives our customers an assurance to get the best products and services as well as custom products that we develop together with our customers. With our solid and fully committed team, we constantly achieve advanced and groundbreaking innovations follow with effective implementations of the latest technology in the products or services that we provide. DiAntara IT Solutions also offers mutual benefits for employees, customers and our business partners.